French Cycling Holiday

Accommodation for cyclists

Do you love cycling and France? Cycle through the beautiful French environment, the nicest and most beautiful way to the environment and to explore a country. Bike through the varied landscapes around Camping Domaine LaCanal and discover beautiful, quiet and varied bicycle routes. Hilly, though, but for people with a decent bike (with gears) is not a problem.

The climbs are steep and almost never really last at most 20 minutes. Enjoy quiet roads. In the spring and autumn with a comfortable temperature. The haut languedoc natural park is a landscape that is characterized by versatility. Forests and rolling countryside but also steep climb or open plains.

The landscape within a ray of 50 kilometers around Domaine Lacanal is beautiful, quiet and varying. Okay, it's hilly, but for people who are more or less in shape ánd have a reasonable bicycle (for example, a ten-speed bike), it won't be a problem. The slopes are hardly ever really steep and you won't need more than 20 minutes to climb a hill.
Quiet roads and of course the wonderful countryside is the basis of a experience of your cycling holiday. Of course our cycle camping is also a wonderful holiday if you have children.

 Mountain bike trails and bikepark

There are several mountain bike trails in the tarn. The mountain-bike can be a good touring bike are. The components of this bike are fully adjusted if you want to go cycling on dirt roads or paths. The Tarn in the south of France is paradise for mountain bikers.

Around the Lake of Laouzas is a bicycle/walking path where you with your ATB a great tour. Or how about you like good stunting in the bike park in rieumontagne.

Mountain bikers paradise

Cycling in France

On the bicycle camping equipment

For a walk or cycle tour you take exactly the same stuff with it. Therefore you can actually might as well buy your equipment in a shop specializing in hiking tours.

The only thing is often that you, after a day of cycling, place would take on an easy chair. Many campsites in France are not yet really responded to the need of the cycling holiday maker. Comfortable chairs and tables often lack. To solve this problem, you can bring inflatable stool or a luxuriously comfortable chair create yourself inflatable mattress that is a snap to change of bed to seat cushion with backrest. This weighs not much and takes up less space.

What are voies vertes and véloroutes?

The véloroutes and voies vertes are a type of bicycle paths with signage. There are now more and more paths and thus there is a network of routes in all regions of France. The véloroutes (mostly used by tourists who are looking for nature and adventure) are bicycle routes that connect the major cities of each region. The routes are marked and often by the most beautiful landscapes.

In contrast to the véloroutes the voies vertes are also accessible for walkers, joggers, horse riders, skaters, etc. These routes run frequently to towpaths, old forest roads or railways. At the French Association for the development of the Af3v you can véloroutes and voies vertes information.



Rent a bike at the Lake

Direct from the camping you can make several nice bicycle trip. What do you think about 27 kilometres around the Lac du Laouzas. On the Lake you have the option to rent bikes, mountain bikes and ATBe.
Adult bikes: €/day or 53 € 10/week/day or 40 € Child cycling: 7 €/week