Horse riding

Also for horses and equestrian sports lovers, there are plenty of opportunities. You can create incredibly beautiful equestrian tours in the area.

The area surrounding the Domaine Lacanal lends itself perfectly for beautiful paardrijtochten.Deze be organized within walking distance of the campsite, beautiful rides under proper guidance.

Every day you can have outdoors one or two hour around the Lac du Laouzas, the country 'à la campagne' or recreational riding in the fragrant woods.

Horseback riding

Explore the countryside on horseback

Lovely riding through the countryside and surrounding

In the heart of Park Naturel Regional Haut Languedoc (Tarn South France) are countless possibilities and well qualified riding schools to be found where you can ride to your heart through the mountains, hills and lakes.

Horse riding holiday in the Haut Languedoc 

pony tours

Even the youngest riders is closed. There are Shetland ponies for rent, where you can go hiking with.

 Ahh look . .

equestrian adventures in the tarnThey are mainly small professional riding schools where the attention and good care for the horses is very important.

Of course there is an excellent accompaniment for the participating riders on horseback riding.

 Horses your passion !

If horse riding is a passion of yours and you are looking for a riding holiday with adventure trips through the extensive nature you are also in the Tarn in the right place.

passionate about horses

Riding horses for young and old

Explore the countryside on horseback

Horse tours through the forest

Ponies for the little ones

Dreaming of a horse riding vacation in France

Walking with a pony