A lazy day at the Lake Laouzas

Domaine Lacanal located in a picturesque village Nages next to the Lac du Laouzas. This lake with its recreation beach is located only a few minutes walk from the campsite.

Vessels with a motor on it forbidden, it is so safe and quiet recreation. At the lake is a small shop where you chips, pretzels, cool drink cans and ice creams can buy.
In the months July and August there is a life guard present a part of the Lake is cordoned off for recreation. At the beach are trampolines and a canoe, sailing boat, surfboard or water bike. The Lac du Laouzas is a beautiful Lake surrounded by green hills, the ideal holiday place for the whole family to quietly take advantage of numerous nautical activities on the Lake. Just lazy sunbathing, read a book or enjoy a swim is also possible. On the Lake are vessels with engine forbidden, it's safe and quiet recreation.


lake laouzas water sports

Relax near the water

Family friendly lakeside camping in France

There’s something extraordinary about being close to water or sitting and watching the light playing with the sparkling colors in the lake. You might well find the experience and opportunity to reflect for a few moments, while creating feelings of happiness and peace.

The lake and its surroundings with many small villages are known for respecting nature tourism, visitors are encouraged to the environment, animals and plants.

There are plenty of opportunities to see animals in the wild. The grounds are pristine with beautiful low mountain range. Grab a lounge chair, a kayak or a bike and enjoy the view and the beautiful natural surroundings.

Playground, swimming pool & lake

swiming pool lake laouzas

The recreational lake has a small, cozy beach a great place to unwind and relax. During the summer there is plenty to do.

At the lakeside is a small cosy beach a wonderful place to relax. Throughout the summer, there is plenty to do. Next to the Lake is a swimming pool for children open from 15 June until 15 September. There is also a playground for younger guests where you can play!

Holidays campsite at the Lake

Villelongue on the other side of the Lake is a nice French hamlet with a Gothic church from the 18th century which overlooks the Lake. This small village has only a few permanent inhabitants in the winter months, but during the summer, the number of nicely.

Other places to visit close to the Lake of Laouzas are the caves of Roquefort that are known for their cheese, the viaduct of Millau. The town of Lacaune les Bains has scenic natural surroundings with fields full of ewes, which the famous Roquefort cheese are milked. And, do not miss the rocks in the Sidobre.

Trampolines at the lake


Day of wellness & spa hmmm Zen

Wellness at the lake ... Relax, nature and relaxing in the sauna wirhpool  with magnificent views. Let yourself be pampered with a beauty and wellness treatments at Lac du Laouzas in Rieumontagne.

Enjoy wellness & nature

Fishing on the lake or in the river

karpervissen peche fishing

Do you like fishing? During the summer season you can buy a (holiday)  fish license and there are even rent fishing poles and boats.

Fishing holidays

Museum Rieumontagne

Rieumontagné a sweet small hamlet to the Lake of Laouzas has a small museum dedicated to the local life à la campaign and interesting exhibitions in particular about the local activities such as forestry, but also about the geology around the Lake, the fauna and the local flora and ancient traditions and crafts. The EDF has an exhibition about the origin and creation of the Lake, and in which the construction and activity of the dam are featured. The Museum is located in an old traditional building. Visitors can be shown around by appointment.

Tourist information Office at lake Laouzas

On the Lake you will find also a tourist information office, the syndiact initiative or tourist office. You can get more information about the area, the environment, fun outings, make an appointment for the sauna, whirlpool or a spa treatment.

The tourist office is either daily open all day from 10 am to 7 pm in the season. You can also use WIFI

Reservoir Lac du Laouzas

lac laouzas nages

Department the Tarn is located in southern France in the heart of the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc. In the middle of this nature park is the Lake of Laouzas surrounded by forests, mountains and rivers.

The imposing high Dam for the Lake of Laouzas Vebre was built on the River in 1965. For water supply of the underground hydroelectric power plant in Montahut near Olargues and the Valley of the Orb. The water is supplied via an underground tunnel with a height difference of more than 1640 feet.
A interesting getaway to learn more about the operation of a dam and his reservoir.

Discover the reservoir and dam

Visit the dam of Lac du Laouzas

Visit the hydroelectric power plant of Montahut and experience an intense water day. Learn more about the technique and operation of the dam of the Lake of Laouzas. More info on a visit to the dam of the Lake of Laouzas is available at the tourist information Office at the lake or camping Domaine LaCanal.

Lake Laouzas is an old, still functioning reservoir in the middle of a wooded area at 800 meters altitude on the river Orb. It has an area of 400 hectares and the impressive shell-shaped dam is 50 meters long.

In the summer there are guided tours on certain days. As it provides more fun for young and old.

Four lakes to discover !

Make a tour through the Monts of Lacaune, visit Nages and the lake of Louzas. Or make delightful day trips and visit all four lakes and their surrounding villages e.g.: La Salvetat-sur-Agout. Take the time to enjoy and discover that these four different lakes all have something special with their own character. On the Plateau des quatre Lacs (the plateau of the four lakes) are these 4 characteristics Lakes 1) the Lac de Laouzas, 2) Lac de La La Raviege, 3) Lac des Saint-Peyres and finally 4) Lac de Lake du Vesoles.

In this region are many trout streams, the huge red pine, forests full of oak trees, and invigorating pure mineral water what so comes out of the ground. A mountainous region which inspires you to outdoor activities. The area is known for its hospitality and gastronomy in the local villages.

Four lakes

four lakes route