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In this region you will find many trout streams, meter tall pines, forests full of oak trees, and invigorating pure mineral water as what comes out of the ground. A fairytale beautiful environment where the rivers Vabre, the Arn and the Agout are four lakes. These four lakes form the "Plateau des Lacs".

Take a tour of Monts de Lacaune Nages Lac du Louzas. Or make great day trips and visit all four of the lakes and their surrounding villages La Salvetat-sur-Agout. This area is known for its hospitality and gastronomy in the local villages, Nages Tarn, Midi-Pyrénées.

At the Plateau des quatre Lacs (the plateau of the four lakes) you will find these four characteristics lakes 1) Lac de Laouzas, 2) Lac La Raviege, 3) Lac des Saint Peyres and finally 4) Lac de Vésoles. Take a moment to enjoy and discover that these four very different lakes with their own character all have something unique.

Route of the 4 lakes

Discover the four lakes route "La Route plateaux des quatre lacs" by car, bicycle, motorcycle or motorhome and be enchanted by the beauty of the four reservoirs Lake of Laouzas, Lake of Saint-Peyres, Lake of Vésoles and lake La Riviege.

This route takes you along picturesque villages and leave you amazed by the overwhelming panoramic views and nature. The route is available at the tourist information office VVV and indicated by signs.

All kinds of water sports can be practised in this area. In Saint-Peyres you can do water sports in the Lac du Laouzas you can enjoy swimming, surfing, canoeing and sailing. Also you can around climbing, cycling, mountain-biking, horse-riding, hiking and fishing etc.. If you like fishing then you'll find here roach, carp, perch, tench, trout etc.

A beautiful mountain area that inspires everyone to go for outdoor activities.

Lakes, rivers & mountain streams

Lake Laouzas

The leisure area of Lac du Laouzas is a recreational water sports area which you can discover during your vacation holidays. The beach with recreation area is a quiet place for a relaxing vacation with family and friends. At the lake with a magnificent view of the area you will find the starting point of several walking routes. Because motor boats are not allowed on this lake, it is a quiet place entirely dedicated to nature.

Lac Laouzas is an old, still functioning reservoir, of which the dam 50 metres long on the river l'Orb. The Lake lies in the middle of a wooded area on 800 metres above sea level and covers an area of 400 hectares. In the summer on certain days there are guided tours to visit the reservoir

Lakeside camping

Lake la Raviege

Lake de la Raviège

At La Salvetat sur Agoût, you find lake Lac de la Raviège. The lake is 13 km long and 410 hectares large. It serves like the other lakes like lake. Also here is nature's impressive beautiful. An extra charm are the small hamlets situated on the edge of the lake. The lake Lac de la Raviège has an extensive nautical basis you'll find a sailing school and rental of various materials such as pedals, surfboards, canoes, motor boats etc..

You can fish on the river banks of the Agoût, famed wild fario trout.

Lake of Vesoles

The lake of Vésoles

The lake of Vesoles also well known as the lake du Saut de Vésoles is the roughest reservoir of the Haut Languedoc regional park in the departement Hérault (region Languedoc Roussillon), located between Saint Pons de ThomièresRiols and La Salvetat-sur-Agout. The dam for the Lake was built in the period 1956-1958. It is used for the generation of power. Situated on more than 1000 m altitude with an area of 50 hectares, it hangs over the Valley of Jaur.

It is an ideal and unforgettable day trip around the Lake, on foot or by bike. Nearby nothing is built by people, where nature is still king.

Lake Saints Peyres

The Lake of Saints Peyres
And the fourth of the lakes is lac des Saints-Peyres the most pristine of all the Lakes on the plateau des lacs. This Lake has a walking path which makes it possible to discover the outline of it. The path course beside or removed themselves somewhat from the Lake with the enormous high bank. Also forest is ubiquitous and in all seasons you can enjoy the beautiful landscape. You can go fishing, hiking or just fall in love with nature.

The plateau of the four lakes

lac laouzas tarn

it is like "sea in the mountains"

lake laouzas...on the high plains, floats occasional a eagle.

Between the green and blue farmlands, peat bogs and forests, is located the plateau des quatre lacs in the middle of the heart of the nature park Haut Languedoc.

In a fairy-tale peaceful environment, with the rivers the Arn, the Agout and the Vabre lie four lakes that forms the "Plateau des 4 Lacs".