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Places to visit slightly further afield. Walking in France stroll through picturesque streets or along a river.

Enjoy French architecture, colourful shutters, quaint shops. And then on to land a square for a refreshing drink or a cool ice cream.

Do you have the intention to visit a place who has introduced the environmental zone, do not forget to buy a vignet. To drive in the cities / municipalities of France that have introduced an environmental zone, it is necessary to have a Crit’Air vignette. More information

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 Arround Nages

Campsite holiday

We are a small family campsite Domaine LaCanal in the Tarn.

We offering you a unique overnight experience in the Monts of Lacaune within reach of local amenities and picturesque french towns & villages.

City of Carcassonne historic fortified

Day trip Carcassonne

Carcassonne (in Occitan - Carcassonna) is a fortress. The most famous landmark is the fully restored old town, La Cité de Carcassonne. This "Ville fortifiée historique de Carcassonne" is since 1997 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is the finest example of a medieval town in Europe, which is almost completely preserved, and the largest preserved fortress from the Middle Ages.


 Albi garden palace berbie

Albi is the capital of the French department the Tarn. Albi flows through the river Tarn. Albi state since July 2010, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The major tourist attraction is the cathédrale Saint Cécile like seeing the Romanesque / Gothic St.Salvie, but also miss was not born the palace La Berbie behind the cathedral where Toulouse-Lautrec and where some of his work has been exhibited. In beautiful down-town is wonderful shopping in the varied shopping. At the foot of the palace you will find river boats for a wonderful outing on the River Tarn.

Castres town

Castres is an ancient town in the French department of Tarn (in the region of Languedoc Roussillon Midi Pyrénées) Located on the banks of the Agout river. Along the Quai de jacob you can visit the quaint old colourful houses of tanners and dyers. These houses on the river Agout date from the Middle Ages and are a major tourist attraction. By a cruise on board a picturesque wooden boat it is possible to admire the houses

Visit the Goya Museum. The former bishop's palace is now the Goya Museum This museum is dedicated to the Spanish paintings, especially those of the famous Spanish artist Francisco de Goya. The palace garden at the exit of the museum, has beautiful beds designed by Le Nôtre. In the city you can see mansions including Viviès and Nayrac mansion.

Take a dip in the large swimming pool L'Archipel Or enjoy one of the welcoming terraces of one of the many restaurants serving local you fair specialities.

Day trip Lacaune les Bains

Lacaune les Bains, a village in the low mountain Monts de Lacaune has different climatic influences. The favorable climate is excellent for high-quality processed meats such as ham and dried sausages. The meat from Lacaune is a delicacy not only in the southwest of France.

Besides the production of sausages and raw hams is an ideal place for hiking. With its varied landscape, lush forests interspersed with vast agricultural area, this region offers a remarkable range of colors. The source Mount Roucous, the Lacaune sheep breed (for the manufacture of the famous Roquefort cheese), Menhir of Peyro-Lebado, the fountain of Pisseurs. spinning Ramond


Boat trip on the Canal du Midi

boat trip on the Canal du Midi homps With 'Croisières du Midi' you can make a two-hour boat trip on the Canal du Midi.

It is all explained on the construction of the canal, you will pass a number of bridges and locks.

Prices and departure times can be found on the website, see link below. The boat leaves from Homps, you'd better be here in advance reserveren.

Visit the city Béziers...


Béziers a beautiful, typical Mediterranean provincial town. On the "street Paul Riquet 'in the center of the city you will find cafes under the plane trees next to the shops and boutiques. Through narrow shopping streets you can walk towards the Saint-Nazaire cathedral. This is the highest point of the city and has a panoramic view across the Cevennes and the Mediterranean. When even see the Pyrenees clear weather. In August, held the 'Feria' in Beziers, bullfighting with parades and performances by various artists.

The Palace of La Berbie

Another popular attraction is the Palace of La Berbie a monument located in the town of Albi which is on the UNESCO World Heritage (Tarn, languedoc- Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées)

Village Lautrec

Lautrec pink garlic

Pink garlic from Lautrec is the well-known and tastiest garlic in France.

Visit on August 1 at the annual Pink Garlic Festival Lautrec and buy a nice bunch unsprayed pink garlic.

A good start to make a delicious camping meal.