The area enchantingly versatile

This region is great for enjoying food, going on adventure, and visiting attractions. Our family friendly campground is located in Department Tarn (81) region Occitanie and has no mass tourism. A wonderful beautiful landscape in the countryside with a healthy pure mountain air.

In this area you will find numerous opportunities for fun trips, educational excursions, tours, fun activities that you can take during your stay, camping holidays.

Below you'll find some cultural and sporting activities to Explore in this area. tours and attractions in the immediate and surrounding area of the campsite. For example visiting the caves, a wildlife park, amusement park, a monastery or visit a lovely French authentic village? Camping is the best way to enjoy the great outdoors !
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Open air museum Maison Payrac

maison payracLa Maison de Payrac. is a restored old farmhouse in Nages. It gives an impression of the past life of formerly.

You can walk and play and learn all about the rural countryside and his nature. For children there are wheelbarrows, tree houses, stilts and lots of child-friendly, fun and educational natural activities.

In the summer there are several activities. So you can see sheep's will be shaved, see the steam engine run with the sawmill at work, a demonstration to plough a field with horses (different way ). Of course you can also take a seat on the terrace and enjoy an ice cream, soda or taste regional products. The kids can play in a tree house while you relax on the terrace. 

.Visiting Maison Payrac

Museum The presbytery of Tastavy

The Presbytere the church of TastavyIf you stay at Domaine LaCanal why not pay a visit to the Museum of Tastavy.

Definitely worth to visit this rural heritage.

The presbytery of the Church of Tastavy was no longer inhabited. Therefore, the rectory is completely restored to a beautiful and educational museum.

Presbytery Tastavy

Castle of Nages

Castle in Nages

Visit the tower of the castle in Nages and dress yourself up in medieval costumes. Turn into a brave young knight or damsel and make a souvenir photo of yourself at the imposing seat of Count Thézan!

Chemin de St. Jaques de Compostelle

pilgrimsroute to Santiago de Compostella

How about a walk on the pilgrimage route La Compostella. Experience the feeling. Over Saint Gervais sur Mare to Murat-sur-Vèbre or from Murat-sur-Vèbre along the Lac du Laouzas by Villelongue to la Salvetat sur Agout.

Also for hiking holidays Camping Domaine Lacanal is the ideal start.

Walking holiday

Chateau de Grandval nearby Teillet

chateau grandval

The ruins of Chateau de Grandval. The oldest traces of this ruins existence date back to the year 1478. Before the Second World War it was a beautifull residence, later used as a hideout during the war. On the morning of 21 June 1944 they set fire to burn down the castle. The interior decoration and roofs were destroyed. After that the castle was lamentably plundered and swallowed up by the construction of the Razisse dam. Untill now this drowned and overgrown ruin in the middle of the water is left abandoned. The old riverbed can still be guessed in times of great drought when the waters of the Razisse dam are at their lowest.

Museum Henri Toulouse-Lautrec in Albi

Toulouse-Lautrec Museum albi

Visit the museum Toulouse Lautrec in Albi. Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa was born in Albi at the Hôtel du Bosc. His childhood he spent at Château du Bosc in Camjac.  As a teenager, Henri suffered a bone disease, the reason why he didn't exceed a height of 1.52 metres. Whilst active as an artist, Henri moved to Paris and lived in the Pigalle area of lower Montmartre. At the age of 37 he died and is buried in Verdelais, Gironde. He left behind a huge work of art of over 700 paintings, 275 watercolours and 369 lithographs.

Museum Toulouse-Lautrec

A Visit to Zoo des 3 Vallées

Animal Animal park Zoo des 3 Vallées

In Montredon-Labessonnié you'll find animal park Zoo des 3 Vallées. Giraffes, wolves, lynx, birds, chickens, tigers, lions, snakes, zebras etc.. Toddlers to adults, everyone can enjoy themselves at this kind of event.

Animal park Zoo

Museum Rieumontagne

In the hamlet Rieumontagne, located directly on the lac du Laouzas, you will find the museum Rieumontagne. Here you can discover everything about the former farm life in the monts des Lacaune. All rooms in this beautiful 18th-century farmhouse are furnished to get acquainted with the history, megaliths, geology, fauna and flora, old crafts, craft tools and materials.

In the museum for children is a special trail plotted called "the secret of small paul". To on and informative way to learn about farm life from then on.

The Museum is part of the Association of the center of the research of Rieumontagne (Le Centre de Recherches du Patrimoine de Rieumontagné) what different fun and informative books on the local history edits that you can buy in the store.

The Centre "Le Centre de Recherches du Patrimoine de Rieumontagné" is an association which aims to promote research and to organise activities in the area of cultural heritage in the surrounding mountains. Nature lovers can discover where the Monts des Lacaune are known.

Walking trails

Step into the footsteps of the wild child trail of the enfant sauvage. In the late eighteenth century in the woods just outside Lacaune-les-Bains discover a wild child. About this particular story has created a discovery trail. An educational walk with activities especially designed for children.

This walking track is 2.5 kilometres long and has several recreational activities that you can discover in a fun and original way flora and fauna, but also the history of the wild child that is found in these forests.

Tree climbing parks

Parc Acrobatique de la Raviège.
This tree climbing park is well-known as parc accrobranche at the base de loisirs of Lac la raviège in Salvetat Sur Agout. There are several paths of adventure tree climbing for everyone, children and adults of all levels!

A second one is Aventure Parc in Saint Pierre de Trivisy. The park is equipped with a system of a continuous cable life line. It also offers Bungee Jumping, Air Bag Jumping, Catapult Jumping and Paintball in the middle of the forest.

Abbey Royal School

Sorèze and its ancient abbey royal school is worth a visit.

The abbey-school is a former royal military school. Walking through the old classrooms and dormitories of the students you will get an impression of the atmosphere daily life in the school. Also you will find the tapestry museum Dom Robert. With tapestry from the twentieth century. See more than 1500 m2 work of Dom Robert (1907-1997), a monk from the nearby Abbey And Calcat, and other masters of contemporary tapestries as Jean Lurcat. The collections are  regularly updated.

Huge granite rocks

The Massif du Sidobre is definitely worth visiting. At this spot you will find huge granite boulders (rocks) in different, funny extraordinairy formations.

The most impressive have been named as for example the goose, three cheeses, the hat of Napoleon.

Spring water bottling factory. . . . cheers

Spring water bottling factory La Salvetat

The Monts de Lacaune a perfect getaway for those who love to play in the water or the woods.

In this area you will find several water sources, mineral springs. There is the mineral mont Roucous in Lacaune les Bains and mineral water la Salvetat in La Salvetat sur Agout.

The spring water bottling factory in La Salvetat sur Agout you can visit. Take a dip in the mineral water bubbles. . . à votre santé!

Visit the mineralwater factory in La Salvetat

Caves French Roquefort cheese

roquefort sur soulzon

Don't forget to taste the famous French Roquefort cheese. These sheep cheese, whose name is protected: and only cheese from (near) Roquefort may be so named. The 'caves' you can visit. You can see how the Roquefort after three months time comes about. In the cave you feel the perfect temperature and the humidity, which thanks to the ' fleurines '. making Roquefort cheese such a unique product. There are different requirements to made if it is an AOC Roquefort cheese:

  • the cheese must come from the area of Roquefort
  • the cheese is made from sheep's milk of the full race Lacaune sheep
  • the sheep have to be kept in the traditional way: eating grass and grains from the region and the cheeses must be made and aged in the caves of Roquefort sur Soulzon.

To taste or to shiver and to find out everything about the history of this famous cheese speciality, you must go to the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon where you will find several cellars witch you can visit.

Les Fleurines Roquefort

The dam of lake Laouzas - Lac du Laouzas

Visit the dam of Lac du Laouzas

This beautiful Lake has a surface area of 400 hectares, is located in the hills of the monts de Lacaune and offers you a range of tourist activities. The beach on the Lac du Laouzas is easy to reach by car or on foot. There are various walking and cycling routes that run along the rail and via Domaine LaCanal carts are you in about 20 minutes at the Lac du Laouzas.

Refreshing and educating a visit of the dam. Visit the dam of lake Laouzas see and learn how it works.

If you're not into the water, there are miles of hiking trails to explore.

Lake Laouzas

Regional local products

fresh sausages, raw hams lacaune

In the direct area of camping Domaine laCanal you find villages with good restaurants and nice shops. In Moulin Mage for example you will find Millas Charcuterie, a butcher with delicious traditional products from the region. Or handmade ceramics from the region, Lebon artisan chips from Barre. As you can see there are many fun outings packed adventure that you can take with your kids in the Tarn in France. Of course you can unwind an stay on the campsite to relax !

About the Tarn

regio midi pyrenees Tarn
More info about department the Tarn For more information and nice website of the Midi-Pyrenees

Tourist information

Information brochure Tarn
Tourist information folder

Tractor museum

Pay a visit to Musée du battage  the tractor farm implement museum in Murat sur Vebre. You'll find a lot of old tractors and agricultural equipment.

Textile museum

Visit the textile museum in Labastide-Rouairoux and discover all about fabrics and yarn, but also you can enjoying
on the edge of the park,

Department the Tarn

fauna dieren die in een bepaalde streek of periode voorkomenThe department the Tarn has a great variety of landscapes, from the Montagne Noire to the granite rocks in the Sidobre, the vineyards of Gaillac and St Chinian but also the artistic and architectural attractions. One of these pearls you will find when you visit the famous cathedral in Albi and its charming defenses.

Be enchanted by the flora and fauna in the Haut-Languedoc, the overwhelming views of the massif of l'Espinouse where you as the sun ste encounter all sorts of animals mouflons. Enjoy a lazy day at the Lake Laouzas whose water sparkles between the Monts de Lacaune.



tarn campsite lacanal

This lovely and healthy environment of the Midi Pyrenees has forests, lakes and pure mountain air. Cultural excursions, sport events, gastronomical and natural getaways. As you can see, there are lots of great getaways packed adventure that you can take with the children in the Tarn in France. And of course also rest and unwind on the campsite !

Flowers & plants

Caves of la Devèze

The caves of la Deveze also well-known as the Palace of the glass spinner ever accidentally discovered in the late 1800 the construction of a railway.


Gorges d'heric

Gorges d'Heric in Mons la Trivalle. Stroll along the paved road through the gorge with breathtaking views. Through the gorge flows a river which has small pools where you can cool off in the summer.

Montagne Noire

Visit the Cathar castles of Lastours and Minerve. Cathar capital city Beziers


Mountain climbing is excellent in the hills of the Caroux and Espinouse. After this fun in the sun you can relax in Olargues one of the many picturesque villages.