Do you love trees, flowers, and plants?

Having green living things around us is a great way to connect with nature. Just take some time to pay attention to the movements of plants. Meditate on their delicious scent. Notice their stems, leaves, roots, and everything in between. You can also take time to study the different kinds of (medical) plants, and their names and observe how they interact with insects and other organisms.

The vegetation on our campsite is that of the low mountain range. You can find a lot of oak, beech, birch, ash, Hazel, Holly and sweet chestnut trees. The acidic soil (granite) is a popular breeding ground for ferns, Heather, broom and Black Berry bushes.
While walking barefoot through the grass connect with earth you can smell the Mint and wild thyme.

In May and June, the meadows and roadsides are a sea of flowers.

Protected species

protected species

The flowering green nature

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During the months of May and June are the meadows and verges didn't flowering plants. In this sea of flowers you will find common plants, such as foxglove, poppy, Marguerite and viper's bug loss, but also various species of wild orchids.

Domaine Lacanal is a family friendly nature campsite, in a beautiful natural location in the heart of a delightful region the midi Pyrenees that is just waiting to be explored.

You will find vegetation of low range mountains. Many oaks, beeches, birches, ashes and chestnut trees, but also hazel and holly. The acid ground (granite) is a good soil for fern, heather, broom and blackberry. Strolling through the meadows, you can smell mint and wild thyme.


flora just waiting to be explored

Birds and Butterflies

Painted LadyAlso for birdwatchers and Butterfly watchers there is much to discover.

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Different wild orchids