Explore Nature, discover wildlife

In the mountains of Lacaune and arround the lake of Laouzas there are animals and birds, insects and plant life to discover. Unexpected and varied.

All year round, but especially in the low seasons when it is calm and quiet around here, you may meet a group of deers or a fox during a walk. But there are of course many more animals at and around Camping Domaine LaCanal, such as wild boars, badgers and hamsters.

If you look closely you can see yourself the following animals among others, deer, foxes, wild boar, weasel, stone marten, squirrels, dormouse, wood mouse, hedgehogs etc ..

Do you like insects? During the summer, you can hear crickets day and night and grasshoppers jump away before your feet when you walk through the meadows. Near the water, you can see different dragonflies. We have also seen many different beetles, spiders, butterflies, glow worms, and so on... far too much to mention them all.


Animals in the wilderness

DeerThe area has a wide variety of plants, including many wild orchids, and fauna including mountain sheep, deer, golden eagles and wild boar.

The regional nature Park the Haut Languedocincludes the south western part of the Central Massif, actually made the transition of the high central part of France to the Mediterranean Sea. The climate and vegetation is influenced by both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


You might see wildlife in their natural setting


The area has a large number of different plants, including many wild orchids, and a fauna including deer, mouflons, Royal Eagles and wild boars. Spotted animals at Domaine LaCanal a roe deer, fox, weasel, stone marten, squirrel, dormouse, wood mouse, wild boars, baggers and hedgehog.


In warmer periods, you see lizards here (like the small wall lizard, sand lizard, green lizard, slow worm) and brown toads (especially at night). Of course we have also seen (non-venomous) snakes: a smooth snake, a blocked grass snake and Aesculapian.

Hear the sounds of nature

Around the farm and behind the shutters you can find a pipistrelle in the summer months. The Common Pipistrelle is one of the smallest bats.

They’re the ones you’re most likely to see while you’re at the camping.

Most sounds the Common Pipistrelle makes are above the range of human hearing. The only exception might be their social calls which some children might be able to hear.

Wild boar

Wild boars



Creepy critters

Critters and insects

To the water you see many dragonflies, including the blue-green glass maker and different kinds of damsels.

Insect lover


Do you like scratchy critters are you an insect enthusiast? There are many kinds of insects found on campsite Domaine LaCanal. Crickets you hear here in the summer, day and night and the grasshoppers jump for your feet away as you go through the meadows runs (among other things the warts biter and smasher Grasshopper).

Flying insects

Enjoy the outdoors

Ticklish critters are you an insect enthusiast?

  • Green hourglass beetle
  • Firefly
  • Variable crab spider
  • Single-day fly
  • Edge wants, gendarme
  • Spotted small bock
  • Stone Bumblebee

Also for birdwatchers and Butterfly watchers is a lot to discover on camping Domaine LaCanal.

Regional nature Park du Haut Languedoc

The regional nature park du Haut Lanquedoc with its large forests, hills, lakes and streams that surround the Lake Lac du Laouzas has a combination of Atlantic and Mediterranean climate making the area has a great diversity of rare flora and fauna.

Many species of fauna in the nature park are protected including the hawk eagle, mouflons, otters and grass snakes. Protected plants include, golden garlic, orchids and drosera.

In the foothills of the surrounding mountains you will find the vineyards in the Gaillac wine regions and Saint Chinian. The Gorges de Heric, is a lovely gorge where you can walk, climbing and playing with water.


Butterflies in the Tarn

RupsenFor birders and butterfly lovers there is much to discover in and around the campsite of Domaine LaCanal in the Tarn.

The number and diversity of butterflies and birds that appear on the site is large.

Butterflies & birds