Wellness & Spa at the lake Laouzas

The recipe for a good balance. Clean air, quiet area to relax and recharge your batteries, leave the stress and pollution of the city behind you. Enjoy a day with wellness treatments relax and therapies at the Lake Lac du Laouzas or in the pool des Sources Chaudes in Lacaune les bains.

Discover the Relaxation and Wellness Centre at the Lake Lac du Laouzas, Rieumontagné SAUNA-SPA and MASSAGES with the sauna and whirlpool and a truly breathtaking view over the Lake. In the months of July and August and in holidays can you use facials, foot and back massages, the wellness centre is open non-stop from 10: 00-19: 00 during the season.

Wellness in swimming pool des Sources Chaudes in Lacaune les bains unwind and relax take some time for yourself. Let yourself be pampered by the specialists who stun you with delicious aromas of herbs and soft relaxation massages. Come join in the hammam, one of the hot tubs, spa or saunas. Then pull a few relaxing lengths in the swimming pool or aqua cycling. Take a snack and a drink, a coffee or tea at the bar.

In French public swimming pools men are not allowed to wear "Bermuda-style" trunks. You have to wear either a slip (the skimpy trunks of boyhood) or a boxer (which looks like a weeny pair of cycling shorts).

Wellness at the Lake Laouzas

Wellness at lake laouzas

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
(+ Off season only by appointment)
relaxing foot massage

Make an appointment with Dominique :
Classical dance, specializing Kinesiologist qualified, 45 min treatment : 30 euros

Wellness and nature

Another way of relaxing !

Wednesday, Thursday an Friday
(+ Saturday from 14/07 til 15/08)
Massage with  smooth hot volcanic stones
Massage of the lake with harmonizing essential oils.

Make an appointment with Pascale:
qualified beautician, treatment 55 euro

Wellness relaxing evenings

Harmony and softness

Monday from 17 h until 22 h
+ an institute in Lacaune, other days by appointment)
Facial - facial treatment
Light and soothing scented candle therapy
Indian, Balinese or Swedish Massage
Stimulating bamboo massages

Make an appointment with Florance : or
qualified beautician, treatment 55 euro, partial treatment (back and legs) 30 min : 38 euro