Domaine LaCanal welcomes you in all seasons

Each season has its own charm. The mountains of Lacaune les Bains and the lake Laouzas in the Tarn is a great destination no matter what time of year.

All year around in the four seasons the lush forests and pretty mountain valleys are perfect for a hiking holidays in a gorgeous location. 

Below, we outline a few key words what you can expect in a given period.

Besides the beautiful scenery with forests and lakes, various recreational activities you can enjoy every season an extremely wonderful stay on a family camping Domaine LaCanal.

seasons spring winter fall summer

Spring is coming

seasons spring winter fall summer

Early spring in March and April: spring fever so go outside and walk! Whether you're awake for a leisurely walk in the forest or a tough hike of a few kilometres, nature.

Spring sun, sometimes warm, chance of snow, rain, cold nights, open fire, work out, then the sauna, meadows green, the first flowers, birds, very quiet, silence, T-shirt, vest or sweater.

Late spring

spring holiday vacation france

In May and June colours the trees green again, warm spring weather, cool nights, the occasional rainy day, work out, flowering gorse, of flowers, wild strawberries, birds give catcalls, more beautiful butterflies, very quiet, silence, t-shirt , shorts, evening sweater.


summer camp hollidays in FranceIn July and August the warm weather, breezes, nights cooler, sometimes influenced by the Mediterranean and sometimes of the Atlantic, while depression sometimes a few cool days of August, more stable, peaceful, not mass tourism, blackberry, elderberry, butterflies swimming, sunbathing, cold beer, glass of rosé, shorts, bare feet.

Late summer

walking hiking holiday france

The Indian summer in September gives a golden sun, with beautiful red sunsets it is still warm, nights cooler, chance of early  autumn rain first edible mushrooms, sauna, swimming, playing sports, peace, quiet, it's a cardigan evening.


autumn fall holiday break france tarn

Lovely autumn weather, risk of warm and sunny weather, chilly fall nights, bleak, rain, chance of first snowfall, fireplace, glass of red wine, hiking, edible mushrooms, chestnuts, deep peace, quiet, thick sweater, sturdy shoes.

Soaked by an unexpected downpour, blown away by a strong wind, walking through the snow and get some fresh air in the freezing cold.



winter vacation france

Winter, with some periods of snow, freezing cold, inclement, good for the fireplace with a good book, hot chocolate, brandy, hiking, cross country skiing, sledding, snow, great for outdoor sports, Christmas trees,

Peré Noel or father Christmas, sometimes lunch outside, T-shirt, winter hat, gloves. take brisk walks in the cold winter season. Warm up by a fire with hot chocolate or soup.